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            Ovaltine Milk Powder 400gr

            Ovaltine Milk Powder 400gr

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            Hangenco is one of the leading export company in Vietnam. 

            We have many kinds products, good quality, good price, all size.

            We have been offering a wide range products to our customers all over the world.

            Should you have any request, pls feel free to contact us at any times to have a best support from us.


            You can make a phone call to us :

            Tel: 84 4 35124558

            Fax: 84 4 35123565

            HP: 84 902 279 558

            Email: [email protected] vietnamgrocery.vn

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            Ovaltine Milk Powder 400gr



            Ovaltine have 12 Vitamins and mineral help support a healthy nervous system,healthy vision ,calcium and other value of vitamins
            Made by malt extract , sugar & whey. 
            High Quality 
            Rich of Iron & Folic Acid