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            Natural Delicious Vietnamese Dried Lychee 100Gr

            Natural Delicious Vietnamese Dried Lychee 100Gr

            Model No.︰-

            Brand Name︰OEM

            Country of Origin︰Vietnam

            Unit Price︰US $ 1 / bag

            Minimum Order︰1 bag

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            Product Description

            Natural Delicious Vietnamese Dried Lychee 100Gr


            Benefits of dried lychee


            Cancer prevention: According to research by scientists, dried lychees have the same functions as quercitin, kaemferol and flavones, which are very effective against cancer, especially breast cancer for women.


            Prevention of cardiovascular disease: Also, according to scientific studies, eating some dried lychee or drinking a glass of lychee juice daily will work to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate. Fresh fruits and dried lychees contain polyphenols – active ingredients that increase cardiovascular health.


            Digestion: The fiber in fresh and dried lychees is good for digestive support. It helps us improve the taste, cleanse the intestines, stomach. In addition, dry lychee has been proven to have astringent properties – works to assist intestinal diseases, deworming very well.

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