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            Vietnam High-Quality Shan Tuyet Tea 45Gr

            Vietnam High-Quality Shan Tuyet Tea 45Gr

            Model No.︰-

            Brand Name︰-

            Country of Origin︰Vietnam

            Unit Price︰US $ 1 / box

            Minimum Order︰1000 box

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            Product Description

            Vietnam High-Quality Shan Tuyet Tea 45Gr


            Shan Tuyet tea is a special tea with tea fibers covered by white fluffy as snow. The tea leaves instead of picking up "a shrimp – two leaves" as usual, they just pick "a shrimp" (small buds on the shoots only). That must be the tea buds are sucking dew, on the leaves surface coated with a thin coating silver iridescent as snow.


            Fairtrade certification 

            Snow Mountain whole tea leaf

            Pack of 9 sachets of calorie-free pure green tea extract and peach extract
            Hand-picked green tea grown in higher-elevation gardens
            Gluten free, with no calories and zero fat
            An excellent source of healthy antioxidants


            Prevents cancer
            Reduces blood-fat
            Prevents computer radiation
            Lowers the risk of heart disease
            Promotes healthy teeth and gums

            Payment Terms︰ L/C, T/T